Singapore Ukulele Movement Jam

Uke Movement, Singapore


Fantastic photo and an even better story of how this group set up. Simon Mok, the co-founder of Ukulele Movement started this project some friends. Inspired by his friend Kaylé, they grew it into a community a bit at a time into a workshop and store (because there was a lack of ukulele options in Singapore).

It gives us great pleasure to see strangers ending up as friends at a jam session, or walk out the door with a big grin clutching their brand new ukes. In these days of doom and gloom, bringing a little joy and enjoyment to people goes a long way, and the ukulele is a little bundle of joy that will guarantee happiness! ~ Simon Mok.

Who’s is Kaylé then I hear you ask, love interest? The story continues (or came from to be precise) at Ukulele Movement, Singapore.


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